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...Thanks again for your help and your site. The teacher I was speaking to today about you and your site was amazed at what you do and stood there listening with her jaw dropped!

Elementary Teacher (Australia)
My homeroom class reads 'Readers Theater' every day and their reading scores have improved 50%.
Arine M.
Homeroom teacher (middle school)
..I teach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade at an international school in Jakarta. I have 17 students divided into 4 groups.

I did my Master's thesis on Readers Theatre and I was elated to find your website! I can't find scripts anywhere and do not have time to write them myself (although I do on occasion for special events). 

I guess what I'm looking for are scripts that are longer and with more cast members. My highest level group has four students. My second group has five. The third has three and my phonics group has five learners. However, I love putting my top two groups together where the kids have lots of lines, but it's hard to find multi-level scripts... I absolutely love all of your short vowel scripts and we will be reading through those next term!

...Typically we work on a script through the whole week and present them on Friday... We use a 40-minute class to discuss the vocabulary, read through it, and then discuss the meaning.

...I love what you're doing. Thank you so much!!! Every class should do Readers Theatre and I'm going to post your website in some Teacher Facebook groups I'm in!

...Keep changing the world. I am grateful.

Kind regards,
Kate S.
(Primary teacher, international school)
...(Spontaneous response re: the new script "Rocks and Minerals Game Show" from a Script Buffet Club member who requested a Readers Theater script on rocks.)

After reading only the first page..... OH MY GOSH!! So excited! Creative and NOTHING out there like it that is FUN like this (that I have found anyway about this topic) and I've been doing this a LONG time. Super duper excited to read on!


You are a complete ROCK STAR!! Amazing!…You are SOOOO good at what you do I just want the WORLD to know about you... Readers Theatre IS MISSING from almost every classroom (except us OLDIES)…You have NO IDEA how excited my class is going to be!…My nonEnglish Speaker LOVES anything similar to these!!

Leah L.

Elementary teacher (currently 5th grade)    


...(from our Facebook page re: our script "The Earth Day Hen and Friends"—used with permission)  

I've used this!  The kids love it.  Thank you for sharing!...It's just right for all levels in the class...Your free scripts are wonderful!  They learn so much from drama and reader's theatre.  I see the shy ones gain confidence as they read.  Fluency and prosody increases with reader's theatre...  

Angela D.  
3rd grade teacher

Wow!  I have to tell you that your script, Twas not the night before Christmas (????) is soooo funny.  The kids love it!  Thank you.  They laughed so hard....

Pat R.
Elementary Teacher
I love your website and all of your great ideas!  I have been given the opportunity (actually BLESSING) to teach Readers’ Theater as an elective this year to our 6th graders.  I teach only Readers’ Theater (RT) and have 6 daily one hour classes of RT. I am writing the curriculum for RT, and your website and ideas are a great resource.  Keep up the awesome work!

Janet G.
Readers’ Theater Teacher

I loved doing Readers' Theatre with my 3rd graders.  The great thing about RT is that it has built in differentiation so the higher level readers were challenged and the struggling readers and ESL students were engaged and motivated to read their lines fluently through repeated readings.  Students practiced their lines 4 nights a week for homework and on Fridays they read aloud during class time. Everyone really looked forward to performing!

Last year I noticed that RT was a formal part of remediation for students that performed below grade level on assessments.  I was happy to be ahead of the curve!!

Trisha F.

3rd grade teacher


I would love the newsletter!  Thank you so much for the information.  I plan on checking it all out today!  Since I taught 2nd grade last year, I was really thinking about what kinds of activities I felt first-graders would benefit from the most, in terms of becoming successful readers in the higher grades.  I'm very excited to incorporate Reader's Theatre.  I've even got another 1st grade teacher on board to try it with me!  Thanks again for the help and support.  I really appreciate it!

Megan W.
Primary Teacher

...I appreciate how you are caring for me as a 'newbie' to your site.  I have believed in, and have been using, 'reader's theater' when I pick up something that works for this, to engage us as a whole class, and have been especially excited at how this brings less skilled readers into the activity at 100% engagement, along with everyone...

Maxine P. 
Primary teacher

...I have been teaching for 35 years.  RT has been part of my education journey for the majority of that time.  Initially my experience with it was as a performance genre in the Drama Curriculum.  Now I use it across the curriculum - a wonderful high motivation strategy in the language program - particularly reading - and so much more as you would know.  I was drawn to your 'community' by the idea of leadership... My wife [name] also teaches... She uses RT with her children and shares my passion for RT.... I think what you're doing is wonderful and I look forward to further communication as well as the regular updates and so on...
4 months later:
Keep up the enthusiasm and fantastic work!

Graham B.
Former primary teacher (now a Visual Art and Drama specialist in Australia)
"Readers Theater All Year" is the most comprehensive collection of Readers Theater scripts and resources I have found on the internet! The site is so well organized and user-friendly. Scripts are organized by topic and subject and have readability levels and character information listed. Many of the scripts incorporate social studies and science content which works well with cross curricular lessons. 

As an elementary school teacher, I use Readers Theater as a center activity during my reading block.  I color code the scripts by readability level. Students select an appropriate script from the center and work within their group of two or three to practice and then perform their play. I have noticed my more reluctant readers becoming excited and encouraged about reading. My fluency scores have also soared by implementing Readers Theater in my classroom each year! It has been a true blessing!

I recently joined the Script Buffet Club so now I have unlimited access to even more scripts and resources! I'm also notified when new scripts are posted! Thank you Carol for your leadership and vision and for making Readers Theater so accessible for teachers and parents. 

Daniel John Fiore, Jr.
Elementary Educator and Author of What They Have Taught Me...
Book Website:
Book Blog:
Hi Carol, I very much enjoyed our chat last night.  It is so nice to meet someone like you...thank you for everything...

Barabara M.
First grade teacher

... Keep doing what you are doing.  There are not enough quality scripts available for children and teens.  So many are inappropriate from a parent's perspective.  As a teacher I want to also build character and integrity while I teach a subject.  With drama, it seems, it focuses on the worst of our human nature.  Why can't drama build up, inspire and be thought provoking without discussing divorce, alcohol, or abuse, when it comes to kids?  Anyway, keep doing what you are doing.  In drama, we need all the help we can get!

With appreciation,
Jen H.
Drama Teacher
I found the free readers theater online scripts, teaching tips, and curriculum teleseminars at Readers Theater All Year very inspirational to me.  I used the Twelve Days of Christmas...Vacation script in my ESOL classes before Christmas break and my students all enjoyed it...

Lily T.
Teacher (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

What a privilege to be responded to in a personal e-mail! ...I am a first grade teacher in an International School and this will be my third year there.  I have absolutely loved incorporating reader's theater into our literacy program, but have found that I was wanting more time each week... This year, our administration gave us 30 minutes extra in our schedule to use for anything.  I thought, 'Hey, why not use it for reader's theater?'  Mondays we could introduce the background of the script, and vocabulary, and maybe some character analysis.  Tuesday through Thursdays, we could distribute and practice, and then on Friday we could perform in front of some sort of audience.  I have never heard of a teacher turning readers theater into an actual subject of the day, but do you think it would work...?

First grade teacher

[Carol's basic answer shared it's not unusual for teachers to use Readers Theater regularly--even in the classroom.  See Mandy Gregory's site for how she used Readers Theater daily in the primary classroom.]
I teach Drama Activity Classes for grades 3-5.  I meet in planning time with the Language Arts  teachers and follow their curriculum schedule to include dramatic approaches to reading comprehension and Language Arts.  I appreciate having your resources to help complement the curriculum each day.  I would love to see common core connections to the scripts, as well as thinking questions for each script.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent and knowledge.

Dianne L.
Drama Teacher
Just wanted to give you some feedback. I have been using your plays a lot lately. This week I tried it for the first time with my older kids and we did a play called "Collision Course." Normally we have to focus on recitals with that group for the week or on Friday we do "Drama in a Hat," but this Friday something magical happened! The kids actually remembered "Collision Course," and wanted to do it again! I was so thrilled because they are very hard to motivate...

Anyways really enjoying your site and the plays and thank you for "Collision Course," my boys just love it! One is even bringing in a captain's hat to wear with it. ;)

Susan D. 
Kindergarten and 3rd grade Teacher

Reading Specialist/Teacher-Tutor:
WOW, WOW, WOW, I love it.  I just read Justin's story [our RT script "Justin Goes to the Moon"].  I can't believe that it is Friday and I have to wait until Monday to show it to him.  He will be thrilled!!!!  You are amazing!  This one inspires me to get moving and even try to get Justin into writing a short script with me.
Seriously, I can't thank you enough.  I really think he will find himself practicing without realizing how much it will help his fluency and that is our big snag right now.  Well, that and attention and this will work on that, too.
Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
Reading Specialist/Tutor

You make great points! One year I had a nonreader that had one line in a small class play. After the performance he asked me if he could get up on the table and be in the play because "he had it". He got on the table recited the whole play plus his own inserts. It was the beginning of many of his stories that led to reading and when he got to high school he was a leader and keynote speaker at many important functions. He is successfully attending college now and oftens makes his point by referring to his beginning in first grade.
Please continue your mission.

Reading Specialist/Tutor


Homeschooling Mothers:

...We did Squanto's Squash for the family on Thanksgiving and [my sons] participated and loved it.  I am so excited about making this a major part of homeschooling.  What a great way to learn!

Bethany P.

L and J had a lot of fun this am playing with Noodle and Strudel!  First L was the kitten and J was the puppy.  It was cute but then they decided to switch roles--and it was CUTER!  They did it four or five times and really enjoyed it.... 

2 days later:
"As I type...L and a girlfriend are doing Noodle and Struedel and J is the narrator!  Now the girls are switching roles..too cute..."

2 days later:
"Carol, We are ready for more!!  The kids have really enjoyed Noodle and Strudel..."



I am so blessed to have found Carol and her Readers Theater script program.  When I took on teaching my Performing Arts class, I had lots of questions and much anxiety over it.  Carol has mentored me all the way through the class.  She has helped me so much, besides offering a wide selection of good quality and wholesome scripts to choose from.  I am so thankful to her for all of her expertise, encouragement, and counsel that she has given me!  I am now a fan of Readers Theater and have confidence to teach more classes.  Thank you, Carol!

Renee A.

Anonymous–from our surveys

Thank you, Carol, for all the resources you provide to assist us with Reader's Theatre.  God is truly using your gifts and talents."
March 2013
I have always found readers' theater to be an effective tool to get older elementary students involved and participating.
March 2013
The contents of your scripts are so interesting that I enjoy them very much.
March 2013
I appreciate the free resources; as you know, we spend so much money on our students as it is already.  It's a nice treat!
March 2013
Readers Theatre helps to develop and maintain happy, accepting classmates as well as a happy, threat-free atmosphere in the classroom.  Everyone has a sense of achievement and those who may often be difficult to engage plead to be involved...AND children learn to read with confidence and empathize with others!
Summer 2014
My students love Reader's Theater.  It is easier for me to have several small groups going and then they can share with their peers...Great for fluency and expression.
Summer 2014

ESL Volunteer Then Paid Teacher:

When my volunteer ESL work unepectedly grew into a paid position, I was both delighted and a bit terrified.  The leap from a role as a trained helper into a role of lesson planner and chief implementer brought huge responsibilities.  I had lots of ideas, but a bit of a gap in appropriate materials.  With my main goal being to instill a love of language and literature in my students, my instincts led me to exploring readers' theater as a primary tool.

When my research landed on the Readers Theater All Year website, my worries were alleviated.  Here at my fingertips were lively and appropriate scripts that my students would happily engage in.  Even better, master teacher Carol quickly made herself available to offer her wealth of guidance and experience.  No question was too big or too small for her to have some insight into.  My gratitude for finding Carol and RTAY is huge.  I knew this would be a bargain investment for my students.

My delight went even deeper when Carol offered to custom-design a script for my students.  We had a specific theme planned for our community presentation night, and Carol stepped in and wrote a script that was heart-warming, engaging and inspiring.  Parents, board members and the community all were exclaiming that this was the best children's program ever.

RTAY is a wonderful resource that I highly recommend:  and it comes attached to the nicest person ever...

Karen R.
ESL volunteer then teacher
ELL Students
(2020) Recently, a teacher asked to use our "Dog Jog Adventure" Readers Theater script with a few distance learning ELL students via Zoom. This is a sample of what the students wrote in response:
"Thanks again for sending the skit! As was the last, it was really fun to read! We laughed a lot, and enjoyed acting as the different characters. We appreciate you putting in the extra effort to get permission from the author so we could read it."
School Librarian:

     "If you are looking for a way to enhance presentation and public speaking skills, to get your children working together in harmony, to enunciate when they speak, to listen to what others have to say, to get to the heart of a story, to boost self esteem, and to hone every reading skill, Reader's Theater is your free ticket to change lives and raise contented, fulfilled, and motivated children.  Watch your reading scores soar while children think they're just having a great time."

     "In my many year as a school librarian, I had each class put on at least one Reader's Theater play each year, starting with first grade (spring is best, when their reading skills are coming along so well), based on books I read aloud to them.  Children thrive, even the quiet ones, on the thrill of being a star for a little while."

Judy Freeman, from her book Once Upon a Time--Using Storytelling, Creative Drama, and Readers Theater with Children in Grades PreK-6  (©2007) p.206.


Teacher, College Professor, and "Mother of a Resistant Reader":

"In my years as an elementary and middle school teacher, a professor of reading methods in a teacher preparation program, and the mother of a resistant reader (Worthy, 1998), the single most motivating activity I have ever found is Readers Theater.  When I work with school faculties on professional development, I present a wide range of instructional activities, and teachers are interested in many of them.  But, without fail, Readers Theater is the approach that captivates everyone." 

Jo Worthy, Ph.D., from her book Readers Theater for Building Fluency--Strategies and Scripts for Making the Most of This Highly Effective, Motivating, and Research-Based Approach to Oral Reading (© 2005) p.9.