The Parts of Speech Poem (R=1.2)

publication date: Sep 22, 2019
author/source: Carol Montgomery

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How do you engage students with the parts of speech?  How do you get them to remember everything?  "The Parts of Speech Poem" Readers Theater script solves your problem. Although this poem has been around for many years with an unknown author, it still provides a concise explanation of the parts of speech with clear examples.  Your students will learn the parts of speech in a dramatic way with repetition to help increase their comprehension of grammar.  In fact, the worksheet (or quiz) and annotated curriculum links will simplify your lesson plans on the parts of speech.  If you teach or review the parts of speech this free Readers Theater script should help your students in grades 2-8.  Two choral versions are included so everyone participates.

TIME:  about a minute     CAST:  2-4+ (choral)   TONE:  educational    READABILITY:  grade 1.2 (think grade 2+)

Below is one version of this Choral Readers Theater.  (The second version is in the PDF which also includes the worksheet and annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.)


The Parts of Speech Poem

Author Unknown

Adapted for Readers Theater by Carol Montgomery ©2019


Summers: Every name is called a noun...

All: As field and fountain, street and town.

Autumns:  In place of noun the pronoun stands...

All:  As he and she can clap their hands.
Winters: The adjective describes a thing...
All: As silly joke or bridal ring.

Springs:  The verb means action, something done...

All:  To read and write, to jump and run.

Summers:  How things are done the adverbs tell...

All:  As quickly, slowly, badly, well.

Autumns:  The preposition shows relation...

All: As in the street or at the station.

Winters:  Conjunctions join, in many ways...

All: Sentences, words or phrase and phrase.

Springs: The interjection cries out, “Hark!

All: I need an exclamation mark!
      Through poetry, we learn how each
      of these make up
The Parts of Speech.


 ***Click on the yellow link below to download the printable PDF "The Parts of Speech Poem"–which includes a worksheet and annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.

Download the PDF "The Parts of Speech Poem" adapted for Choral Readers Theater in two versions.

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