The Hose Phone (R = 1.0)

publication date: May 8, 2018
author/source: Carol Montgomery

Bug thumbnailGIGGLE WARNING!  I read this simple script to three adults and all three chuckled several times.  Based on a true story, "The Hose Phone" shares the light side of a common experience:  not hearing exactly what someone else says.  Students of ALL AGES will enjoy practicing this script with different voices.  Perfect for partner plays or small groups, "The Hose Phone" would work well for short performances IF you train your readers to not speak when the audience is laughing.  Since this short Readers Theater script is easy to read it's appropriate for struggling students in grades 1-8 and even adults.  You may use it as a "hook" for a science unit study of sound, the ear, and hearing.  This fun script comes in two font options and includes annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.

TIME:  less than 2 min. (2–3 pages)           CAST:  2-4 (or choral)          TONE: light, fun        READABILITY:  grade 1.0 (easier without the word "narrator") 


Below is the first page of this short script.  But, if you like it, use the yellow link below the script to download the printable PDF with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.  



The Hose Phone

By Carol Montgomery  ©2018

(Based on a true story.)


Narrator 1: Macy raced to the door.


Narrator 2: Uncle Max was knocking.


Macy:  Hi, Uncle Max!  I heard you saved a dog in a fire!


Max: What’s that?  You saw a log on a fire?  Where?  You must be careful with fire.  I’ve seen a lot of them.


Macy:  Yes, I know.  You’re a real fire chief!


Max:  What’s that?  Can I make fire cheese?  I never heard of fire cheese.  I think it melts.  But, I don’t want to play with fire.


Macy:  Oh!  I NEVER play with fire.


Max:  Very good.  I’ve seen a lot of fires.  In fact, this week I just saved a dog in a fire.


Macy:  That’s what I was saying... 


Max:  Oh, you’d rather be playing?  Okay, I can’t hear you very well.   Why don’t we play hose phone?


Macy:  What’s nose phone?


Max:  Not nose phone, hose phone.  H-O-S-E.


Macy:  Okay, how do we play?


Max:  What did I say?  I said hose phone not NOSE phone.  H-O-S-E.  (Continued...)


***Click on the yellow link below to download the printable PDF of "The Hose Phone," a humorous script for all ages.

Download "The Hose Phone" Readers Theater script with annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.

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