Talking Pets—Beyond Earth Day (R = 4.8)

publication date: Mar 26, 2014
author/source: Carol Montgomery

TalkingPets-BeyondEarthDayOur family experienced a nightmare when my body hit “overload” from being exposed to dryer sheets on my mother’s clothes when she came to visit.  Laundry toxins added another toxic load to my body.  It rebelled with serious symptoms of Environmental Illness.  My family wondered if I was dying.  But, that’s another story...

"Talking Pets–Beyond Earth Day" shares a pet’s imaginary perspective of laundry.  This short Readers Theater may be used to help communicate basic truths about toxic laundry to a younger audience OR a pet-loving audience.  It may also be used to launch a discussion or a unit study on toxins in our world.  Complete with annotated curriculum links for easy Earth Day or environmental lesson plans, "Talking Pets—Beyond Earth Day" is for upper elementary students—possibly middle school or adults.

TIME:  5 1/2 min.     CAST:  6      TONE:  serious, with occasional light spots    READABILITY:  grade 4.8

Here is an excerpt from this free environmental script:


Talking Pets—Beyond Earth Day
A Readers Theater Script
By Carol Montgomery ©2014



Announcer:  Welcome to “Talking Pets,” the radio talk show where we interview people’s pets.  Last week we interviewed our panel of pets on the topic of food.  Today’s  topic is laundry.  But, first let me introduce our pet panel of experts:  Calamity Cat...

Calamity Cat:  Meow.  Hello.

Announcer:  Dr. Dog...

Dr. Dog:  Ruff!  Good day!

Announcer:   Professor Parrot...

Professor Parrot:  Aloha, people!

Announcer:  Hurricane Hamster...

Hurricane Hamster:  What’s up?

Announcer: And Sir Horse...

Sir Horse:  Neigh!  Greetings!

Announcer:  With the topic of’s first question is, “How important is your owner’s laundry choices to you?”   Calamity Cat?

Calamity Cat:  I prefer for my owner to leave the laundry out anywhere.  She can choose to leave it on the bed, on the sofa, on the chair, on the floor, or anywhere.  As long as it’s out–clean or dirty, I’m happy.

Announcer:  Are you against putting laundry away?

Calamity Cat:  No, I’m FOR having as many soft places for me to sleep as possible!

Announcer:  (smiles)  I see.  Dr. Dog?

Dr. Dog:  My owner’s laundry choices don’t affect me much.  I love them no matter how they smell.  However, when it comes time to give me a bath I really would prefer safe suds.

Announcer:  Safe suds?   (Continued...)

Click on the yellow link below to download the PDF for "Talking Pets—Beyond Earth Day," an environmental Readers Theater Script about toxins in our world.

Download "Talking Pets—Beyond Earth Day," an environmental Readers Theater Script for elementary students.

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