Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly (R = 2.3)

publication date: Aug 11, 2011
author/source: Carol Montgomery

FREE download Back-to-School Readers Theater ScriptSports announcing.  Character building.  Excitement.  Motivation. Perfect for beginning a new school year, "Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly"  communicates to students from primary to upper elementary.  Salamander Sly coaches an invisible team called The Distractions in this lively free Readers Theater script full of surprises. 

Although this is not choral Readers Theater, there is a chorus (the School Team) that recites motivational cheers that help build character.  (Think about the commercial jingles you remember!)  Contains annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans.

TIME:  about 11 minutes  CAST:  5-10+  TONE:  light, exciting   READABILITY:  grade 2.3, but I think some parts are harder.

Here is a brief excerpt from the first page and a half of this free Readers Theater script, perfect for the first day of school:

Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly
By Carol Montgomery ©2011

Announcer #1:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to “Kids Talk Sports.”  Today we have the game of the fall.

Announcer #2:  Oh, we’re going to see some falls today?

Announcer #1: You may.  But, I meant the game of the fall season.  You know, autumn?

Announcer #2:  Oh, yeah.  Falling leaves not falling bodies.  Duh!

Announcer #1:  Right.  But, this fall’s game is not like any other you’ve ever seen.  It’s not football.  It’s not soccer.  It’s not basketball.  It’s not baseball.  It’s not hockey.  It’s not even Sharks and Minnows!

Announcer #2:  Too bad. 

Announcer #1:  We’ll be watching two teams..... the Back-to-School Team coached by   Professor Snap-on-Snazzle and the Distractions Team coached by Salamander Sly.

Announcer #2:  Oooooooo, he sounds tricky.

Announcer  #1:  He is.  Some say he’s ruthless.

Announcer #2:  That sounds bad.  So, how do you play?

Announcer #1:  The rules are easy.  Everyone on the Back-to-School Team has a ball of some size--big, little, heavy, light.  Each one on the team has to follow the rules and get his or her ball across the goal line to score within the time limit.  That’s it.

Announcer #2:  So, what about Salamander Sly’s team?

Announcer  #1:  Ah, that’s the tricky part.  Salamander Sly’s team, The Distractions, is invisible.

Announcer #2:  Oh, yeah--those invisible Distractions.  I’ve heard of them...(pause) I think!  That’s so strange playing against an invisible team....  What do they do, anyway?

Announcer #1:  The Distractions create weird disturbances on the field trying to prevent the School Team from scoring.  They also steal balls. The School Team gets one point for every ball that crosses the goal line.  Distractions get a point every time they get and KEEP a School Team ball.  It only counts if they KEEP the ball. 

Announcer #2:  Got it!  Looks like they’re about ready to start!  I hear we have microphones down on the field today.

Announcer #1:  That’s right.  We have mikes to hear the School Team; plus, both coaches consented to wearing mikes--for our ears only.  The teams won’t hear our broadcast.  Oh, I hear Coach Snap-on-Snazzle now....

Professor:  All right, School Team!  Let me hear your cheer before you start today!

School Team:  Back to school helps me refuel; 
                        I will do my BEST!
                        Back to school is really cool;
                        Best is now my quest!     (continued...)

*** Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of the free Readers Theater character-building script for the beginning of a new school year entitled, "Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly."

Download the PDF "Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly," a free Readers Theater character-building script for the beginning of a new school year or anytime your students need a little motivation.  Perfect for primary and elementary students, "Back-to-School Team vs. Salamander Sly" may also be used in ESL or ESOL classrooms.

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Football lovers will love the links on this free Readers Theater script!

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