Mom: Every Day Is Mother's Day (Choral Readers Theater) (R = .7, harder)

publication date: Apr 25, 2011
author/source: Carol Montgomery

Every Day Is Mother's DayAre you looking for a fun and creative way to honor mothers?  Here's a very short, free  Readers Theater script entitled "Mom:  Every Day Is Mother's Day." 

Although this light-hearted Readers Theater script was written for choral Readers Theater, it could also work well as a puppet script for Mother's Day.  The annotated curriculum links for easy lesson plans not only cover craft and gift ideas, but also the history of Mother's Day.  

TIME:  a little over a minute  CAST: 2+  TONE:  cheerful   READABILITY:  .7 (Think primary level.) 

Here's a brief excerpt from the first page of this fun Readers Theater script:

Mom:  Every Day Is Mother’s Day
A Choral Readers Theater
By Carol Montgomery  ©2011

Guys:  You knew me way before I was born.

All:  Mom.

Girls:  You loved me, fed me, watched me ‘til morn’.

All:  Mom.

Springs:  You’ve got the kitchen cooking and working out a meal to feed the clan.

Summers:  Now all our tums are looking for something more than fast food, that’s the plan.

All:  Yum!

Girls:  You make our house a wonderful home.

All:  Mom.

Guys:  You make our hearts shine like the car chrome.

All:  Mom.

Falls:  You’ve done so much for us we can’t imagine all that you have sacrificed.

Winters:  You share your love with us and offer all your wisdom and advice.    (...continued to the surprise ending...)

*** Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of the fun free Readers Theater script with annotated currciulum links for easy lesson plans "Mom:  Mother's Day Is Every Day."

Download the PDF "Mom:  Mother's Day Is Every Day," a fun Readers Theater script written at a primary level for choral Readers Theater or puppet plays.

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