The Betsy Ross Story (R=5.2)

publication date: Jul 24, 2010
author/source: Carol Montgomery
BetsyRossStoryBased on three sworn historical affidavits from Betsy’s daughter, granddaughter, and niece, this free Readers Theater script presents briefly the story of the first flag of the United States of America. 
Although it's a serious subject, the characters in "The Betsy Ross Story" are jovial and patriotic.  Perfect for Flag Day, patriotic programs, or unit studies on American history, "The Betsy Ross Story"  should also be useful for ESL classes. Curriculum links current as of January, 2017. This historical script embodies character qualities of respect, diligence, helpfulness, and honesty.

TIME:  about 10 minutes  CAST: 6  TONE:  realistic historical   READABILITY: Grade 5.2 (4.7 without the word "Narrator")
(Note:  This Readers Theater script would work well in a program with patriotic music.)

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Here's a brief excerpt from the script:

The Betsy Ross Story

By Carol Montgomery ©2010

From the early part of the script after the two narrators give some historical information and introductions are made...

Narrator 1:  So Betsy took care of her guests then asked...

Betsy:  You all look very official today.  Is there something on your minds?

George W:  Well, I've told people that every since I met you at Christ Church and found out you had an upholstery business that you could sew anything...chair cushions, shirt ruffles, (pause) even turkeys!

Robert:  (smiles)  That's right.

Betsy:  (shaking head and smiling)  Oh, George.

George:  So, we were wondering...would you be willing to sew a new flag?

Betsy:  Is there a problem with the Grand Union flag?

Colonel Ross:  (laughs)  Is there a problem?  Robert, tell her our problem, please.

Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of the free Readers Theater script "The Betsy Ross Story."

Download the PDF of "The Betsy Ross Story"  a free Readers Theater script based on the history of the first flag of the United States.

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